Old Milwaukee

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The Old Milwaukee brands have always stood for steadfast American quality. These masterfully crafted lagers revel in being predictably superior and uncomplicated. No gimmicks, just great tasting beer. How great? Old Milwaukee Light is the most award-winning light beer in the history of the Great American Beer Festival. Which proves that there’s nothing more refreshing than a commitment to fundamentals.
Brewery: Pabst Brewing Company
Alcoholpercentage: 4.6 %
Best temperature: 5 º
Color: blonde
Old Milwaukee


lee france wrote on Friday 26 April 2019:
I have been looking for Old Milwukee beer long necks to take to Houston Mo to my Grandson and cannot find it anwhere.I live in Woodstock Il Do youmake it anymore.
Kenny Rogers wrote on Saturday 2 February 2019:
I've been drinking old Milwaukee light for about 28yrs and nothing compares. It's getting harder to find but I think the younger people aren't giving it a try because it's not a new up and coming brew. It's been around and gets over looked. Pour it in a glass along with other craft beers and I think it would be a huge hit!!

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