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Early Diwali setback for De Beers uncut gem sales

De Beers reported that its rough diamond sales had tanked to...
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Toronto looks at beer trucks in parks

Proposal would mirror a project that has already been embrac...
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Wits University students win beer brewing competition

The University of Witwatersrand (Wits) has been named the ov...
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Pub-licity for Sheeran the beer man

Ed Sheeran’s pals are drinking out loud — and in private...
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Hold the beer: Anheuser-Busch sending water for victims of Harvey

The white Anheuser-Busch water can has become one of the mos...
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Houston prepares for Hurricane Harvey with food, beer, and swim gear

Food and batteries aren't the only things Houston-area resid...
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Lagunitas rolls out a cannabis beer

Two California businesses — one a beloved national brand a...
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Five students suspended for playing ‘Jews vs. Nazis’ beer pong

These Atlanta students apparently could not see how wrong th...
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As tastes change, Japan’s beer brewers craft new ways to slake on

Whether at rooftop beer gardens or at fireworks extravaganza...
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Global beer output was down for third year in 2016 on falling demand: Kirin survey

Global beer production dropped for the third straight year i...
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UBL eyes 25% share in imported beer market

United Breweries (UBL) is targeting to capture 25% share in ...
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Canadian victim of Barcelona attack mourned as family man, lover of books, beer, debate

“In the midst of this tragedy, my dad would want those aro...
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A beer buzz can boost creativity: study

The brain boost arises from a buzz, not being bombed.

A bar where beer drinkers can stand in two different countries at the same time

The Kalin Tavern sits right on the Slovenia-Croatia border, ...
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Groupon reimburses people for Houston crab and beer festival Groupon scam

After inquiries from, Groupon contacted the 27 peo...
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From taking beer, to eating cow’s tripe pepper soup, here are wacky ways to treat hangover

Getting a hangover is not easy, if you get our drift. Ditto ...
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My wife fights neighbours anytime she drinks beer – Estranged husband

An Ado-Ekiti Customary Court on Thursday dissolved 20-year-o...
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Calif. man sues Heineken over dead geckos in beer can

A southern California man is suing Heineken and a grocery st...
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Concerns raised over legitimacy of Houston crab and beer festival Groupon

Many details for a popular crab and beer festival Groupon in...
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California beer maker has the last laugh in his German brewery

Some Germans thought Greg Koch was courageous. Others consid...
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Latest news

Mini-mart draught beer tax mulled
The Excise Department found issue with sales of draught beer at convenience stores and is ready to regulate the business if any operators offer the product.

Zimbabweans consume more beer despite economic crunch
Delta Corporation, the associate unit of AB InBev, said that lager beer volumes for the half year to June went up 11% while revenues rose 2%.

Video: Houston store manager jumps in getaway vehicle to stop beer thief
Police are asking for the public's help in identifying the two robbers who unexpectedly kidnapped a store manager while stealing beer from his business on June 4.

Police: Man rapes woman, wants to have beer before she calls cops
A man accused of forcing his way into a woman's apartment and raping her asked her to hold off on calling police so he could have a beer.

Jigawa LG destroys 475 bottles, Jerry-cans of assorted beer
The Kazaure Local Government Area of Jigawa State has destroyed 475 bottles and Jerry-cans of assorted beer in the area. Alhaji Magaji Muhammad, the Information Officer in... read more