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Pranksters play beer pong in the middle of Houston street

Some local pranksters joined the list of Houston's many traf...
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Budweiser reports fake beer production to police

BUDWEISER has reported to police after a video emerged showi...
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Ken Pagan pleads guilty to throwing beer can at Blue Jays game

Pagan shot to notoriety in October 2016, when a beer can was...
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Two men charged with forcing baby alligator to chug beer

Two men are being charged with the harassment of an alligato...
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Forget ping pong and free beer: The latest perk for tech workers is doing good

Lavish perks at tech firms have become the norm. So firms ar...
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Yogi minister stirs controversy, inaugurates beer bar

Uttar Pradesh minister Swati Singh landed in a huge controve...
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Afloat on the Erie Canal: Sonar Gear, Ferris Wheel Parts and Beer Tanks

The canal, long relegated as a recreational byway, has had a...
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Two men charged for forcing baby alligator to drink beer

Two men from South Carolina were charged with harassing wild...
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Man stabs friend in eye over a bottle of beer

A 21-year-old man, Abiodun Ayo, who allegedly stabbed his fr...
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French fare feast; beer brewed for altitude; surfing the sky

French fare feast Air France’s business class cust...
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La Porte police search for beer bandits

La Porte police are searching for two people who staged a da...
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Rockets offering fans $1 beer before Game 6 against the Spurs

With the season on the line Thursday night, the Rockets are ...
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New beer, the ‘Pisner,’ is made from human urine

Gee whiz!

Clare Rose beer distributors still striking to keep pensions

Striking beer distributors on Long Island still haven’t fo...
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Big beer is back

Anheuser-Busch InBev and Danish rival Carlsberg report first...
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De Beers studies soaking up carbon

De Beers, the world’s biggest diamond producer by value, s...
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L.I. beer distributor threatens to replace striking drivers

Not long after they went on strike, Teamsters Local 812 work...
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Reports: Man allegedly ran back into burning house to grab two cans of beer

Presumably, the flames were not intense. Nonetheless, first ...
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Shiner Beer drops off thousands of bottle caps to Aggie favorite the Dixie Chicken

On Wednesday the people from Shiner Beer made a special dona...
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SD man arrested for valiantly pulling beer out of burning home

This hero's for you.
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