Description & Information:
Kanon is a powerfull and rich beer.
Brewery: Grolsch
Alcoholpercentage: 11 %
Best temperature: 9 º
Color: brown


Matt wrote on Friday 9 October 2015:
Is this beer still available?
Driver wrote on Monday 27 December 2010:
A dessert beer? No way! You should taste this, man.
Jaimie wrote on Friday 2 October 2009:
too sweet. more like a dessert beer
Robbert wrote on Friday 4 January 2008:
just drink 5 of them, you won't feel a thing :)
Raspoetin wrote on Saturday 29 December 2007:
Jeah, me too. YOu don't want to drink more than 2 of these. Thought a friend of mine made a bet he could drink 5. After that it descended in the toilet.
Martin wrote on Saturday 28 July 2007:
Gives me headaches

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