Breda Royal Lager

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Brewery: Bierbrouwerij Breda
Alcoholpercentage: 5.0 %
Best temperature: ? º
Color: Yellow
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mk leong wrote on Monday 17 November 2014:
Where can i get this breda beer in bulk..
mk leong wrote on Monday 17 November 2014:
I running a pub in malaysia..where can i buy this breda beer.
Tony Conroy wrote on Saturday 23 March 2013:
An excellent bottled lager with a very palatable taste , love it. But don't know where to buy it anymore....... For some unknown reason my local Aldi store has stopped selling it , in favour of dearer Chech larger. Please any info on where I can buy Breda in east Lancs. TC.
Terry Jennings wrote on Wednesday 13 August 2008:
My wife's favourite drink whilst in Guernsey,C I.
Can I buy it in Cheshire?.

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